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VIPMud 2.0 is now available!

What is new in Version 2

Updates for Jaws 16 Users

If you are running Jaws version 16 with Shades of Doom 2.0, VIPMud 2.0, Time of Conflict 2.0, or GMA Cards, you may need to download the latest versions of these games From the Downloads page on the web site. Not everyone has this problem and so to avoid unnecessary work, you will want to first check to see if Jaws is not working properly with the game before you download the new versions.

Shades of Doom version 2.0 is now available!

What's New in Version 2

MyAccount - New Ordering and Key Replacement System

The new MyAccount system features:

Use the MyAccount link to find out more.

April 2014 - Version 2.0 of Time of Conflict is now released

Time of Conflict 2.0 is a war game and war game designer. It gives you the ability to design weapons, units, terrain and maps for almost any current, historical, or fictional war situation.

Many major changes from version 1.0, Time of Conflict 2.0 continues the adventure.

Pacman Talks - Now only $15

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2013 - Two New Free Games

GMA Cards is a collection of eight card games that consist of four solitaire type games, and four games where you play against the computer. The games include Seven-Stack Solitaire (some times known as Klondike), Poker Solitaire, Crib Solitaire, Accordian Solitaire, King's Corners, Cribbage, Gin Rummy, and a BlackJack game where you have a good chance of winning depending on your strategy.

In GMA Lander, you try to land your ship on a moon, asteroid or planet without crashing by using one key to control your thrusters. You must be aware of your fuel supply, altitude, thruster power, terminal velocity (if any), and acceleration caused by gravity.

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