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Prices of Our Games

GMA Tank Commander v1$35.00
Shades of Doom v2$24.95
Shades of Doom upgrade from V1$9.95
Time of Conflict v2$35.00
Time of Conflict upgrade from V1$9.95
Lone Wolf v3$30.00
VIP Mud v2$29.95
VIP Mud upgrade from V1$9.95
Pacman Talks v1$15.00


Before ordering, requesting a key replacement, or changing your account information, you will need to login to your account.

If you do not have an account, it should take less than a minute to set-up. All we request is your name, email address, phone number (optional), and a password.

For people who have purchased games or have not requested a key replacement since November 1, 2013, read on to the next section if you require a key replacement.

If you require additional help with the login process, ordering games, or requesting new keys, use the Help button on the login page.

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My Account Login

My Account - Help

For your convenience, you can optionally download a program called GMAGames - My Account. This small program automatically opens My Account in your browser and directly passes User Code information, making ordering and key replacements easier and less prone to errors.

Download My Account on your PC

For Our Customers Who Purchased a Game before November 1, 2013

When must you use the My Account on-line System

When must you use the Ordering Wizard from within a game?


Note that with all games, all upgrades within the major version are included in the price. For example, if you have purchased Shades of Doom 1.0, there is no charge to upgrade to version 1.2. Although there may be a charge when the game is upgraded to the next major version.

If you cannot find your game on the MyAccount main page, request a key replacement through the Ordering Wizard, and once you receive your key replacement, you can order the upgrade on-line through My Account.

User Codes

if you are purchasing any product other than Pacman Talks, we will need your four or five-digit User code when placing your order after logging into the My Account pages. the user code is usually spoken when starting a demo game, or if not, it can be found on the "About" dialogue for the game. The user code is used to generate the product key for your games. As our older games are upgraded, you will be able to login to your account directly through these games, or you may download a PC-based program which automatically takes you to the login page of the My Account pages. In both cases, the user codes will automatically be entered for both ordering and key replacements.

Payment Methods

You can use PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, or American Express when you use the My Account link to place your order.

The Process

Once GMA has received the payment for the games, we will e-mail you your registration information. Email orders usually take less than a day to process. We only have one version of our games, which are both the demonstration version and the full version. Once you enter your GMA issued Registration Name and Product Key, the full capabilities of the game are unlocked. Therefore, feel free to make copies of our games and share them with your friends and family, but note it is illegal to share your product key with others. Paid registrations help us continue to provide high quality games, and we ask that you support us in this endeavor.

Your Registration Information

Take good care of your registration information. It is a good idea to print out or Braille this information and store it in a safe place. Your registration information includes your registration name, email address, password, user code, and product key and is provided with all key replacements and new orders.

Refund Policy

GMA provides demonstration copies of all of its games to ensure that the game will meet your expectations, and to ensure there are no compatibility problems with your equipment. Upon purchase, GMA provides a personalized code (product key) to unlock the capabilities of the full game. Once this key has been given, obviously it cannot be taken back. Therefore, GMA does not offer refunds on its games except in extraordinary circumstances.

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