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GMA Games provides email technical support for the life of your games. All of our games have been tested on Windows XP through Windows 8.1.

Some games still list our old telephone number. This number is no longer in service. If GMA Games feels that telephone support is necessary, GMA Games will initiate the process. Use the Contact link on the top or bottom Navigation Bars to forward your technical questions or problems, and we will get back to you by email, or telephone if necessary.

Due to the time required, it is our policy not to provide game advice or hints, although you can find excellent advice from the GMA Games Talk list. There are hundreds of GMA Games users on the list who are happy to discuss any and all aspects of our games. You can join the list by contacting us using the Contact link above. After joining the list and asking your question, someone is sure to get back to you. Many have joined the list to have a question answered, but have stayed because of the friends they have made there. Almost without exception, the list members are a friendly, helpful group of people. There are separate lists for the VIP Mud client and Time of Conflict game.

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