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VIP Mud - A Fully Accessible Mud Client

VIP-Mud is for everyone, but we paid special attention to the needs of the blind gamer. It is a full-featured Mud client that includes full scripting capabilities similar to ZMud and TinTin+.

If this is your first time to Mudding, get ready for an exciting trip. You are about to have access to hundreds of interesting and fantastic worlds. Places to make friends, maybe enemies, discover new lands, go on quests, fight monsters, pilot a spaceship, become a vampire, and the list goes on.

A Mud, standing for Multi-User Dungeon, is a remote game accessed by many other gamers concurrently. Not only are their usually game controlled characters known as mobs or Non-playing-characters (NPC's), there are real life people like yourself, playing in the same Mud world as you.

Despite the name, not all Muds are based on the Dungeons and Dragons theme. They cover themes such as, Star Wars, Vampire and Werewolf worlds, fantastic science fiction worlds, Middle Earth, modern day cities, and many more. Muds also differ in type. Some are primarily role playing while others are based on progressing your character through quests, killing monsters, and practicing skills. Some fall in between. Some Muds allow the killing of other gamer's characters, and in some, this is not allowed or maybe even not possible. In short, there is something for everyone. The Mud Connector is a good place to find what your are looking for. You will want to look for the strictly text-based Muds since many of the newer Muds are more graphical, but don't worry, that still leaves hundreds to choose from. We plan to have a user's choice list available showing the most popular accessible Muds.

If upgrading from version 1, VIPMud version 2 requires that you request a new product key. The reason for this is that the security validation has been updated and now it requires a 5-digit user code.

You need a Telnet-based client to enable you to interface with Muds. Built into Internet Explorer is a Telnet client that might be used, but it is not very blind friendly. Controlling and speaking the text coming in from the Mud is problematic at best. Other programs such as GMud, ZMud, MonkeyTerm, MushClient and so on either are difficult to use or require screen reading scripts to make them usable. Even then, these programs were not developed to handle multiple voices or sounds in a way that might help someone without sight. Enter VipMud!


What is new in Version 2

Note that some of the sound packs created by users for version 1 do not work properly in version 2. It is hoped that these will soon be updated to work with the changes in version 2. If you rely on these sound packs, you may want to wait until these sound packs are updated before you upgrade to the new version.

30 Day Full Trial

VipMud has a full 30 day trial, and after the trial period is over, you can continue to use VipMud but with a slightly reduce set of features. VipMud costs $30. Select the Ordering link at the top of the page to continue using the full feature set.

Downloading VIP Mud

Select the Download link from the Navigation Bar to enter the Download page and Download a copy of VIP Mud. If you do not have a product key for version 2, make sure you download VIPMud version 1 found in the "old Versions" section near the bottom of the Downloads page.

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