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Games designed to be fully accessible to blind and visually impaired individuals. GMA concentrates its efforts on developing sophisticated Windows-based games, while keeping its prices affordable.

Demos are available for all of our games.

Important Notes

As of April 2014, we have changed the method of placing orders and requesting key replacements. Refer to the Prices and Ordering page for details.

Some of our games still list our old phone number. This number is no longer in service. Please contact us through Contacting Us and we will get back to you by phone if we cannot answer your questions by email.

Mail Lists

If you would like to be informed from time to time about any news at GMA, or new game releases, subscribe to our Newsletter list.

As well, we have created a mail list to facilitate the discussion of GMA games. Topics will include the exchange of tips, help for beginners to advanced users, and the discussion of technical issues to name a few.

There is a separate list for discussion of the VIP Mud client. Topics may include writing scripts, discussing favourite Muds, help on the Use of VIP Mud, feature requests, and general Mud related topics.

There is also a list for the game Time of Conflict. As well as the topics mention on the other lists, this list can be used to share maps and worlds.

If you are interested in any of the above lists, contact us through the "Contact" link above requesting to join one or more of the lists and we will send you the Email addresses used to subscribe. We have taken this step to reduce the amount of spam getting through to the list.

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